3 things that can critically affect your SEO negatively

search engine optimization is one of the most important part of digital marketing in today’s world. search engine optimization involves doing very things legal and safe to get the google search bots to rank your blog above others for a particular search query on the google search engine result page.

and of course in any industry, you also have poeple who never want to play by the rules and will always seek a short cut. when it comes to search engine optimization, there are a lot of them teaching and practices all sort of things that are against google green light.

That is why google is spending a lot of resources to track these people and after catching them, they throw then down the search engine result page and sometimes even give their website a manual penalty.

Most of these search engine optimization tricks are often referred to black hat search engine optimization tricks, grey hat search engine optimization tricks and white hat search engine optimization tricks.

But the truth, whether it be called white or grey or black, they are surely meant to trick or manipulate the ranking algorithm at google and that is a serious search offense. Google has said it times without number that any act done intentional to trick the search bots in ranking you higher in the search engine result page is evil and will attract a penalty.

So let us quickly dive into the things that make google penalize your website


Although backlinks is a ranking factor when it comes to search engine optimization but having them built is totally wrong. backlinks ought to be build editorially without any influence of any kind.

Many people go ahead to fiverr to get people to build their backlinks for them and what they are actually doing by paying is paying to get their website or blogs against google’s standard.

Backlinks only help when they are built the right way. currently there are hundreds of factors that google use to judge the authenticity of a backlink. If you keep on failing their principles what you will see is that one day you will just wake up and see a mail telling you that you are doing some illegal things and if you do not stop or disavow those links your website will be penalize.

So stop building backlinks and start working hard on your contents to get them organically.


It is a good practice to have your target keywords distributed in your articles but when it becomes too much with an aim of super imposing it on the google search bot, that particular article will never see the top of the search engine result page. for the fact that you need to optimize your pages through search engine optimization best practices does not mean you should over do it.


I have heard so many so called search engine optimization experts telling people and bloggers that they do not need to create extremely great contents rather they need to focus more on promotion. this is totally wrong, on the internet content is king and thus, greater contents will always rank higher. although you may see instant results when you aggressively promote your content, it does not last as google will soon pick up the signals.

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