7 easy ways to earn as a student in Nigeria

There are a lot of ways students in Nigeria specifically can now earn money to support themselves in college and today I am going to share with you some of the top ways most students in Nigeria are making a killing financially.

Please note that some of these businesses would require you to have or go learn a skill and some may not be a brick and mortar(physical) business.

Mini importation 

This is already invoke as you can see some of Nigerian students flooding their whatsapp status with picture of the various products they sell, ranging from male and female clothes, shoes, watches e.t.c

You may think they go buy it from some shops and resell, but that’s not true. A handful of them import this goods directly from China, this is actually easier than you thought, all you need is for someone to teach you how to make orders from foreign website like alibaba and AliExpress.

Then the products will be delivered to the nearest post office available in your locality.

Barbing services

If you are a guy one thing is for sure, you will want to have your haircut at least  once in two weeks. Do you remember businesses are meant to serve the need of the people? Therefore you can run a barbing store in your hostel room or even rent a store around campus. Who knows this may even become a full time job if you are good at it.

Make up and hair dressing

This is kind of barbing for females but the job is not restricted to females alone. I have seen a lot of guys doing well in this industry as well.

If you decide to venture in this you can add an extra touch by importing foreign hairs and accessories which you know your customers will love.

Internet services

This is quite overpopulated now but it is still very possible to make some money with it. All you need is to find a spot that connects students to the people already in the business and then stay in between. Okay, am sorry for assuming, internet services involves helping people to make online payments (which involves School fee, acceptance fee etc) and doing all other stuff, that people think they are not able to do on their own. I made the word think bold because, I even do them all with my mobile phone.

Okay, let get back to beating the competition in this niche, for instance, you can run a cyber cafe in your department, therefore instead of people having to go to the faculty mall or even the shopping complex, they could come to you.

A friend of mine in this niche actually gets customers through WhatsApp, it’s all about the attitude.

Mobile data reselling

All students definitely use an Android or IOS device, this definitely means that all students consume mobile data on a daily basis. Therefore, there is no gain saying that selling data would lead to massive sales. So what is data reselling? It quite simple, it is the process of buying data in bulk and redistributing to other students at a cheaper price. You may have noticed that data are far more cheaper when you buy in large quantity, so you make use of that leaverage to earn. This is completely easy and you can start earning as high as #20,000 a month once you high your first 30 customers.

Phone and laptop repairs

Since almost all students use a laptop and definitely all students have mobile phones, there is definitely no doubt that if you learn how these devices work and how to repair them, you would make some money in exchange for your service.

This is great if you are currently writing or preparing for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) EXAM, You can squeeze out time to acquire the skill.


Who doesn’t like pictures? Students take a whole lot of picture on special events such as graduation ceremony, matriculation amd Birthday. This is hot market staring at you.

And considering the fact that in this times we live in, after or even before graduation is marriage, you would have the opportunity to land potential client before the event.

There are also a host of other skills and businesses that can make you good money in school without requiring your full attention. So start thinking business and get independent on time.

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