Advantages of using paystack in Ghana and Nigeria

As bill gates would always say “in the nearest future there will be two kinds of business, those that are online or those that do no longer exists”. This is fast becoming a reality of business are moving online, can I shock you by saying I know of a barbing service with an order website. So if barbers cam go online you should as well.

But along the process of creating an online presence for your business, there will come a need to also accept payment online, oh yes, those credit card payment forms are not rocket science. Thanks to some of the fintech companies in Africa, transacting any business online has become easier than ever. Just imagine, even in a lockdown, millions of transactions are still being made online, in fact the entire process gets simpler every single hour.

So if you plan on taking your brick and mortar business online soon, or probably you already got an online presence but you now want to be able to accept payment online keep reading.

I will be clearly talking about one of the most popular payment gateways in Nigeria and Africa at large. With this payment technologies in place, you would be able to accept payment from anybody around the world with much convenience and of course security.

Let us get started.


Now I did not simply place them at the number one spot by mere coincidence, they are actually worth it, in fact I call them the paypal of African. PAYSTACK was founded by shola and till today is till being backed by some of the most reliable fintech companies in the world. In fact the Chief executive officer (CEO) of stripe actually recommends it. As a Nigeria or a Ghanaian you would find it extremely easy to sign up and get started in minutes.

So let’s look at some of the features of PAYSTACK

  • It enables you to accept credit card payment.
  • It also enable you to accept direct payment from your customers bank.
  • It allows you to send invoices to clients.
  • You get to have your payment pages hosted on their own website at no extra cost to you.
  • You get settled within 24 hours, meaning if a payment is made today, you will get paid tomorrow.
  • It is extremely fast to set up.
  • If you run a wordpress website, there are a lot of free integrations with PAYSTACK such as PAYSTACK for woocommerce, PAYSTACK for paid membership pro, PAYSTACK forms, paystack for easy digital download etc
  • If you also run a Drupal or joomla website, you can easily get paystack integrations for free.
  • PAYSTACK also runs free integrating services just in case your website or app does not run on any of the popular CMS.
  • Their fees are very moderate coupled with the fact that they do not charge meaningful amount for mini payments.

Facts about paystack

They were established in 2015 

Established by Ezra Olubi and Shola Akinlade in 2015, Paystack was planned to make installments simpler for all Nigerians. 

Obviously, they have had the option to get this going in a short space of time! 

Inside the space of four brief years the organization has developed to have significant brands, for example, Uber, Taxify , branch and an entire host of numerous others on their foundation. 

The innovation which controls their installment frameworks has indicated the sort of repetition that different frameworks don’t have. 

You can begin receiving payments without registering a business 

A great many people don’t have the foggiest idea about this yet you can really begin enrolling a business on the stage without really having all your corporate records set up. 

This doesn’t imply that you don’t need to confirm your character and satisfy the other Know-Your-Customer arrangements and systems. 

There is a trick to the acknowledgment however. There exists a constraint of assets you can really get on the stage. 

The breaking point is 2,000,000 naira and the item is called Paystack starter business. 

Along these lines, what are you sitting tight for, start your online business today! 

Paystack Accepts International Payments 

Once more, this generally obscure reality about the association is the thing that makes the organization to be so extraordinary. Most installment preparing associations don’t acknowledge universal installments from different nations. 

Prepare to be blown away. Paystack does! 

In spite of the fact that the charges are somewhat higher than the ordinary charges for banks inside Nigeria, they are moderately alright considering the way that anybody can pay you in different monetary standards! 

Note : that you will be settled in Naira however. 

Client support  is every minute of every day 

Presently we as a whole skill client service works in Nigeria. After 12 PM everything closes down. It’s not quite the same as Paystack. 

Their client care is consistently on without fail. What’s more, that by itself charms them to their numerous clients! 

The benevolent idea of the care staff makes it simple for individuals to work with them. 

They settle all installments inside twenty-four hours max! 

Some other installment processors take days to settle installments made to their dealers’ records yet Paystack is distinctive in such manner. They settle all vendors inside twenty-four hours. This standard has empowered them to have the option to acquire an enormous deluge of clients and has given them their serious edge. 

They incorporate mind pretty much any shopping cart interface 

Paystack coordinates with the most well known shopping basket interfaces in the World. From prestashop to woocommerce, megento and numerous others, Paystack has all the passages you will ever require. What’s more the portals accompany all the necessary documentation so it turns out to be anything but difficult to do what you need! 

Their application programming interface is anything but difficult to utilize and incorporate with the most well known installment doors on the web. 

With the ascent of new organizations and web consideration, it is sure that organizations, for example, Paystack will be required now and later on. 

Paystack is one business to look out for and perhaps one day they will open up to the world. 

Most likely, their offers will be an unquestionable requirement purchase if that occurs!

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