Amazing advantages of using the Opay app

if you have been online for some time now, there is definitely no doubt you have heard of the new financial technological start-up called Opay.

Opay is actually owned by the same company that owns various companies in Nigeria and Africa at large such as Opera news, Oride, Opera mini and a host of others. So stop and relax because today I am going to be telling you some amazing things you didn’t know about Opay. I believe many people know Opay already, of course, their ads are all over the place including Facebook, Instagram and Google.

so let’s get started.

You receive cashbacks with Opay

We used to hear of the word cash back in Nigeria and we thought it was actually something that can only be done by the white men, talking of the likes of swagbucks and the rest were giving cash backs to customes but it now appears the service is now available to Nigerians.  what is cashback you may ask, cashback is a process whereby you purchase an item and you are giving back a particular percentage of the purchase price. For instance, you buy a recharge card of 1000 and giving back a #50 cashback. The cashback depends on the settings as sometimes it’s 2% – 1%, sometimes not cash back but with Opay you can receive a cash back on each purchase of each transaction you make.

You can purchase airtime at a cheaper rate using Opay

Actually the main reason why I didn’t join this recharge and get paid system is because I already knew of Opay, which is far better. Without pay any registration fee, you can buy recharge card at a cheaper rate than purchasing a voucher and it’s extremely free to register. 

You can escape all your annoying bank charges

Trust me when I tell you that I know how annoying bank charges are. it’s really annoying but with Opay, you could carry out transactions as many times as you want in a day and enjoy 0% free charges.

They don’t charge you for anything, whether you are transferring money, you’re purchasing airtime or you are receiving money,  Opay doesn’t charge you. It is 100% free so you could escape your charges from your local bank and make more transactions while saving more money with Opay.

You earn interest calculated daily while saving with Opay.

This is actually one of the coolest part about banking with Opay, with opay you receive a 10% interest rate per annum for every savings you make and it’s been calculated daily. So for every money you save on the Opay system everyday, a certain amount of money is being added as interest. So if you have money and you don’t want to consider using your local bank because of the low interest rates, you can consider going for opay. Opay has an interest rate of  about 10% to 14% per annum. 

With Opay, you can avoid ATM queues.

Going to get to money at the ATM in Nigeria is almost like a nightmare for me but the truth is with Opay system, we don’t need to go to the ATM to get money. As matter of fact you can make payment from the tip of your finger at any supermarket and restaurant, all you need is your mobile phone and just in case you need cash Opay also got you covered as registered POS operators are all around the city. This makes withdrawing your money a very fast process, all you need to do is to transfer your Opay money( that is the money you would have in your Opay account) and the POS operators would give you the money in cash with no charges.

Receive money from all Opera related companies.

And finally if you actually offer any service to any Opera related company, you can actually get paid faster when you have an Opay account. For instance, if you do write news on opera news hub, you get paid 2 weeks faster when you have an Opay account compared to using your local bank account. and it will make your work easy. Furthermore, after you get paid using your Opay account, you can then transfer the money back to your local account or use it for whatever purpose in the Opay platform. you could also use the shop on the app which is called Omart. 

How to get started with Opay.

To get started with Opay all you need to do is go to your Android play store or apple app store and download the Opay app. After launching the Opay app, you would be required to register with your phone number.

please note that after your registration, your Opay account number is always your phone number.

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