Best ways to monetize a Nigerian blog

making money from your blog is the dream of all bloggers and a lot of them want to make a lot of money from their hard work invested into their blogs.

So there always arise a common question among newbie blogger which is how much and how can my blog generate revenue for me.

To the first question, it has a very simple answer, you blog can generate as much money as the product of the niche and the traffic your blog gets.

By saying the niche, i am quite sure you are aware that not all blog niches are born equal, therefore the niche you pick can be more lucrative than that of your friend, so if you are getting the same amount of traffic to your blog as hi, you are mostly likely to generate more revenue compared to him.

So the sum total of the first lesson is that not all niches are made equal, it is quite obvious that a niche like personal finance will surely be more profitable than that of christainity.

But i and a whole lot o bloggers worldwide will never allow or advise you to pick a niche due to the level of lucrativity it possess. so you simply just get along with what you love writing and talking about and talk of the money later.

So now to the second question. How can you monetize your blog? there are a lot of ways to can employ to monetize the traffic your blog get and they range from ads to selling your own products or even selling other people’s product on their behalf.

So finally, I am going to show you the couple of niched, nice and easy ways you can monetize your blog.


Google adsense is the most popular and in demand ads network in the world. all you need to do to start monetizing your blog using the google adsense program is applying to be part of the program on their official website.

Once your blog is reviewed and accepted into the program, you will be given a google ads code which you are required to place just once and google will start displaying ads all over your website.

Yes, it is actually has easy as that. They also pay you based on the number of clicks the ads on your website gets.

Therefore, the more visitors equals the more click and the more clicks, the more money you earn.


Affiliate marketing involves selling other peoples product by selling potential buyers through you affiliate link and if a purchase is made, you will automatically earn an affiliate commission.

Affiliate marketing is very powerful and if you get it right, you can create contents once and keep on cashing out pay checks at the end of every months.

All you need to do is to find a product you want to promote and then copy and insert your affiliate link within your articles. you can also make use of promotional tools provided by the affiliate program which may include tools or banners.


Ebooks is currently the leading digital product in the world today. you can decide to bring together a lot of information that your audience will want to know about and then package it into an ebook.

you can then offer it for sale on your website.

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