Great ways of getting backlinks

Having backlinks to your website is a very vital part of search engine optimization if you want to rank high for competitive keywords. Generally speaking backlinks are links from other websites coming to website which can be directed  to either a page on your website or a resource such as an image of infographic.

Sometimes backlinks do not just naturally happen, so today I’m going to be telling you some really nice ways of generating harmless backlinks to your website without contradicting any of Google’s guidelines.

what first thing you must remember that you will be ready to offer value in exchange for these links.

So this is not a kind of cheat sheet to get links easily but contains the most important and legit ways of building backlinks back to your website.

Engaging in Forum discussion

if you are not actively engaging in discussions on your blog niche it may be difficult to gain traction and generate some backlinks. so the first step if you wish to generate backlinks is  registering for a handful of forums that discuss topics related to your niche and then offering value by answering questions and giving accurate information.

if by chance a question is being asked and you have a very detailed answer on a website you can then slot in a link or two into the reply thereby giving yourself a link.

Be careful not to spam the forum, if not you may have your links removed and your account terminated. sometimes the managers of the forums even go as far as banning a link from being placed on the website or forum.

Write great, long and informative posts

writing great pillar contents which goes so in-depth into a particular topic would actually be a stepping stone to generate a lot of backlinks to your blog.

this kind of content are usually placed at the forefront of your blog for people coming to your blog the very first time to be able to catch them with them and probably share. these kind of contents usually have more amount of social shares as well as backlinks.

For an example of such contents, u can check the blog of backlinko owned by dean brain.

Guess posting

Guest posting or also called guest blogging involves publishing articles on other websites for free 

As the name implies you are a guest on the website or blog with the aim of reaching their audience with your article.

once you let me get close and you can ask the owners of the blog if you’re permitted to add a link or two to your website. if they say yes, congrats you just earned some backlinks to website.



writing testimonials for products and other people website or blog can be a great way of sending back links back to your blog.

it’s as simple as contacting your friends and clients hopefully you do business together or have done business together writing the past and asking them to simply place a review of themselves written by you on their blog.

beneath the weave you become thing for all your picture your name and the name of your website which is usually a link.

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