How I make over #200,000 monthly freelancing

After years of trying to find my place online, i came to discover that i actually have some skills that could be of help to other people online.

Meanwhile, the process of rendering your skills or selling your expertise to others is called freelancing.

So today I am going to be sharing with you, how I made over #200,000 a month freelancing on the internet.

So before we get started I would like you to know that although freelancing is a good way to make money online, the money you can make with it is quite limited because you are trading your time for money.

So let’s get started



This is how I make a major part of my revenue. I write all form of contents ranging from ebooks to blog post to email templates.

So how profitable is writing you may ask, and i would tell you, if you enjoy writing and you don’t see it as a job, it is extremely profitable.

Actually, I make over #5000 daily writing and that includes weekends (Saturday and Sunday). If you multiple that by 30 days, you would see it will equate to #150,000 a month.

The main thing about writing as a business is that you must build trust and a huge client based. You can’t afford to stay a day jobless. Apart from online micro job websites like Fiverr and upwork, you can still be able to secure a lot of writing contracts from Facebook groups and telegram channel. You can also check out sites like hirewriters.

Be chosy with your prices and don’t get scared of losing customers. This is because if you don’t place your place at a standard, people would make you work like a slave.


Blog creation and monetization

Almost everyone out on the internet is beating down their price for creating blogs in order to get new client but I don’t do so, instead I increase my price and add an extra feature which last month was monetization.

Whenever people paid me to open a blog, I usually added an optional add-on feature that allows them to pay more for me to monetize their website for them.

Am I found out that people were willing to pay over 3 times the original amount of the blog creation package to get their new blog monetized.

On the average, due to my writing schedule, I was able to get just one blog done a week, which would amount to able #30,000 that single week from blog creation.



Consulting is one aspect of trading time that I like. Most people have problems and they believe their problems have gone beyond blog post and therefore need someone to talk to. This is where I come into the picture.

I have being able to build my reputation on Facebook and what’s app groups when it comes to search engine optimization and Adsense optimization, therefore my inbox is always flooded with one question, request or something waiting for me to respond to.


Opera news hub

Off course, I do not just write for people, I also write for companies like opera news through their open to all platform called opera news hub.

I keep at a schedule of publishinh just two articles a day on the platform and I do this before Six am every day.

At the end of last month, I was able to make a total monthly earning of #63,400 from my creative efforts on the hub.


So how can you replicate this.

It’s very, simple. What do you know how to do. It doesn’t matter, as long as you are capable of doing something, let the world know about it and you will be shocked at the magnitude of people who are willing to pay for your services.

So you can let them know about it on

  • Online forums like nairaland or quora
  • Facebook groups : this is actually very powerful in terms of driving prospect at your business.¬†
  • WhatsApp groups : this is just a shave off of Facebook groups.
  • Paid ads : although this may not be good for a novice, it is really profitable in terms of generating leads and creating awareness.



If you have a skill, you should never be broke. Follow my pattern and choose to work hard. You will make more money than you can spend.

Good luck.


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