How to make money on opera news hub [step by step]

Don’t get me wrong, a side income can be defined as any source of income that is different from your main job, therefore requiring less of your time and effort to keep it running. So if you got a job you could merge it with a side income and make extra cash or better still if you are a student, you can earn passively as a student without it affecting your studies.


I know that there are a lot of scamming websites out there on the web that promise you heaven and Earth only to end up leaving you in total disappointment, so before we get started let me take you a little about Opera news hub.

Opera news hub is one of the numerous startups by the famous African company that is also behind Opay, Opera news itself, Oride, Omart and a host of others.

Opay is a financial startup that enables you undertake your banking activities at zero cost to you while Oride is simply their version of taxify.

What exactly am I to do on Opera news hub?

It’s very simple, if you have the Opera news app on your phone you would notice that those articles (news) that are made available via the app are being written by humans, therefore, all you do on opera news hub is to provide current news that would be served to readers on Opera news. 

So without wasting anymore time, let’s get started on how you can earn from Opera news hub.


making money on opera news hub is as simple as 

  • Creating an account with Opay inorder to receive payment easily.
  • Creating an account with Opera news hub
  • Filling your accounts details
  • Filing in your personal details
  • Linking your opay account to Opera news hub.
  • Waiting for approval
  • And finally publishing great contents.

It’s actually as simple as that.

So let’s jump into the full details of what those individual steps to making money from Opera news hub entails.

Creating an Opay account to receive payment from Opera news hub easily.

As I said earlier, Opay is one of the sister companies of opera news hub, therefore it would be easy to decode that they are integrated.

So to get started, you need to download the Opay app from the Google play store

After downloading and installing it on your mobile device, you can then launch the app.

Please bear in mind that you would need a phone number.

After which you click on the account icon on the button right corner.

You then click on the login button above.

That should bring you to a new tab where you are told to input login details. Click on the SIGN UP link just below the login form.

After clicking on the sign up link, this is what you would see.

Make sure the phone number you input is correct as you would be asked to verify.

After that just follow the steps as it goes and you should have no problem.

Now your Opay account number is your phone number.

Creating an Opera news hub account.

So now, we got our opay account ready, let’s head straight to Opera news hub using this link

I usually recommend you use your Gmail to sign up instead of your Facebook profile and I would also advice you use a chrome browser.

After you select the Gmail account to use you will be required to select your country which will definitely be Nigeria, this helps them to target the people that will see your news so as to increase your revenue.

After which you click the next button.

Filling your account details on opera news hub

You will then be required to enter your Opera news hub account details which include your opera news hub username, a photo as well as a description of what your articles will be about.

You also need to choose a category. Where this matters as it will be of use later as there are some categories that perform and pay better than the other.

Filling your personal details on opera news hub.

This info includes your Legal names, your email address as well as your phone number. 

You will also be required to enter your Opay account number, remember it is also your phone number.

For the referral code you can simply use mine which is ZQQOQJO

After that you would notice that you cannot publish any article immediately, this is normal as you would have to wait for an hour or two for them to approve your account. Don’t worry all opera news hub accounts always get approved.

When your account finally gets approved (which is usually under 24 hours), you can start publishing your various articles on the platform. You also have to ensure that your articles comply strictly to the terms and conditions of the Opera news program if not they would be rejected.

How much does Opera news hub pay?

When they first started, they were paying #360 for every 10,000 clicks. I know what you are thinking, but give me less than a minute and you would be happy you did.

Opera news has over 350 million readers and as a result you can easily get clicks without doing much work. You can get up to 100,000 clicks from just one article if done right and that would automatically translate to #3600.

Below is a screenshot of one of my articles and the amount of clicks it has.

However, not too long again, they have brought a new rule that has made earning on the program easier.

Remember Opera news hub is not a Ponzi scheme like MMM, so you have to work hard.

The new rules calculate your income by combining a lot of factors such as

  • Reading time
  • Articles originality
  • Grammatical accuracy and a host of others.

They also pay a lot of bonus on engagements such as likes, comment and shares.

So like how much can I earn from the platform?

After Opera news hub launched their new earning formula, my team and I opened a new Opera news hub account to actually determine if the new policy was favorable to writers.

We published 10 articles using this account and they all got a total of 325,023 clicks, 69 comments and 9 shares.

Guess what? At the end of the month we were payed #46,800.

So this new method is actually more beneficial and rewarding for writers.

On the average me and my team (which include my 3 hostel mate) make an average of #600,000 every single month. 

At least we do not engage in internet scam but we live comfortably on campus.

So yes, you could actually earn a full time income on the side with Opera news hub.

When does Opera news hub pay?

Last month we received payment for the month of May for all accouns on the 12th of June. It has been quite unstable due to the Corona virus pandemic.


So guys this is really something that you would not want to miss, especially when you are good at writing articles in any particular niche such as politics, entertainment, business etc.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask it in the comment box below.

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