How to remain safe from contradicting the major adsense program policy

Having google adsense approve your website is not an easy task today and surely after being favoured by your application being approved, you will not want to trampled on their feet to get them to penalize your account or website with either an ads limit placement or a ban.

There are some certain things that the moment you start serving google ads on your blog you should never do and there are also those things you should never fail to do.

Google adsense rarely has mercy on any publishers that break their rules, that is why you find a lot of websites with ads limit while others are no longer eligible to apply for the pogram.

So today, I am going to be sharing with you some of the basics things you should avoid as a blogger who wants to actively remain in the google adsense program without any issues. so are you ready? let us get started


I usually tell people that this is referred to as a crime when it comes to online pay per click advetising.

And definitely, google adsense does not take it lightly. though matter how smart you are, if you click on your own ads, google adsense will surely detect it and automatically ban your account and in most cases your website.

Do not and do never click on your ads. I know it may be tempting in the early days to do so but I know it is more beneficial not to have the google adsense bot investigating your blog for fatal errors on a daily basis.

Many people succeed in clicking their way up to the hundred dollar threshold without getting banned but the moment they apply for withdrawal, the google adsense will immediately place them in a priority list and cross check all the clicks that grew to earn that amount and they will detect fowl play and you will not receive your money (not actually your money because you attempted to steal it).


Many websites that do not secure enough revenue organically later rebuild their website into an income program where people are payed according to how much ads they click. they go further to share the google adsense revenue in the name of profit sharing.

If you are currently doing this, i do not know what to remedy your case. The truth is that once in a while, google adsense sends a manual reviewer to check out is going on. imagine them seeing a pay to click ads on your website that clearly contradicts the google adsense program policy in all sights of it.


Many people especially those who have some knowledge of programming feel smart whenever they make a change to the ads unit code to suit their demands.

If you do this, you have clearly left the safe zone and open yourself for the opportunity to receive a ban. Google advises all publishers to place the ads code found on their adsense dashboard on their website and webpages as they are seen. Remember, google adsense is the boss here, try to do everything in accordance to their instructions.

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