Illegal backlinking strategy

As we all well know, backlinks constitute one of the major factors that can make a website or web page rank higher than other on the search engine result page. Backlinks simply means links from other websites referring people to a page or resource such as image, info-graphics or multimedia on your website.

they are of various kinds which range from do follow backlinks down to no follow backlinks and the new one release some months ago which is called sponsored backlink.

Out of all these backlinks, they all carry various strengths and send extremely different signals to the google search engine.

while the sponsored backlink tells the search bot that you are simply linking to site an instance, the no follow backlink means you are linking to a resource although it is not more important as what you have on your page thus it should be treated with less relevamce.

But a do follow backlink which is the most wanted type of backlinks tells the google bot that the information available on the target page or website is extremely credible and worth sharing.

So due to the fact that people need backlinks to rank high on the search engine result page otherwise called serp, they often try to get them the wrong way which would harm their search engine optimization efforts.

So today, I am going to give you some of the most dangerous ways to build backlinks to your blog.


A lot of people offer monetary benefit to owners of authority website to simply send one or two backlinks to their website. google has made it clear times without number that this is evil and will surely result in your website or blog being noticed and penalized. So if you have being purchasing backlinks, stop right now. I am quite sure you will not want to buy trouble with your own hands.


This is an incredible way of generating a ton of backlinks with a lot of time and no money. but as at today due to the fact that people now use the comment backlinking factor to deceive the google bot, google no longer pays attention to any link that comes from the comment section and when they happen to be too much, they might be force to penalize your website for trying to cheap your way to the top.


This is also called duo linking and it is the process where you contact a blogger and both of you strike a deal that you will send him a backlink while he too will send you some, this is like cross linking o each other with the purpose of increasing your ranking on the google search engine result page. However, google is quick to detect such schemes and place then links to zero and most of the times drop the ranking of the two websites involved in the act.


This is the process whereby people link out to a resource that does not match the anchor text of the link, if you have noticed, some of these false links are very annoying, especially when you are so happy to find a link that will answer your question and all of a sudden the target article is a complete mess.

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