Lucrative ways to earn as a student in UNILAG

Learning and nurturing your business mind as a student in Nigeria has a whole lot of benefits.

First of all, you will not have to disturb your parents for everything you want and secondly with the rate of unemployment in the country today, many students side hustle back then in school often turn to what they fully do for a living after they have eventually graduated from the university.

For instance, i know of a celebrity make up artist here in Nigeria who started her makeover company while she was still in two hundred level in the univeristy.

Today, she is highly successful in that craft and has little to no use of her certificate anymore. while her mates are busy seeking employment and getting declined over and over again, she is busy making money and living big with the skill she started back then.

so today, i will be listing for you some of the most common crafts and skills you can learn now and start making money using it in Nigeria.


Who does not have hair cut at least once a month, personally, i have my hair put into place every single week which means i spend five hundred naira times four which is two thousand naira every month on haircut.

So just imagine you were my barber and you have up to fifty to hundred loyal boys who patronize you, you will be making a lot of money.

with less than three hundred thousand, you can start a barbing salon and start sourcing for customers.

Remember, no business is easy at first, so do not give up at the very beginning, things in business get better as the day goes by.


Mini importation involves buying goods at a cheaper rate from foreign websites such as aliexpress and selling them here in Nigeria for a profit.

It is a very profitable business as you can purchase a product for as low as nine hundred naira and then sell it for up to six thousand naira. I am not kidding, there is insane profit to be made from mini importation. however, the only limitation is that the market is already being over populated as almost every student now know how to import goods easily. that is why when you check the status of most girls, you will keep seeing them advertising their item (they were imported).


As a student although you have limited time due to your studies, you also have a very good environment to start a blog. just in case you have being hearing of the word blogging but you actually never got to know what it is about.

A blog is a simple website where you make available a certain set of information to the public for free and earn using various other methods such as google adsense, affiliate marketing or even selling a physical product.

So you can get a blog set up for you easily and then you start uploading the information you have to offer.

It is not a make money quick business like the rest above, but it can be worth the time in the future.

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