Make money blogging : all you need to know

Making money online today in Nigeria is classified into two categories, which are the legitimate and illegitimate method.

Off course no one only is going to encourage you to make money illegitimately online (involves internet scam or fraud), so today, I am going to show you one of the most legitimate way to make money online in Nigeria and it is called blogging.

Blogging involves monitoring the contents on a weblog which is popularly called a blog. A blog is a website with the so aim of dishing out information to the public.

so today, i am going to give you a summary of how to make money blogging or with a blog (because you can hire people to run it for you) in Nigeria.

So without wasting anymore time, let us get started


The first step in starting your blog anywhere in the world is picking a blog niche. A blog niche is exactly what your blog will be about. for instance people pick niches such as celebrity gist, sport, make money as well as agriculture and finance.

when you are done picking a niche, you will want to confirm that it is something you will enjoy writing about. So to be sure (because you do not want to waste time and money starting a blog you cannot operate) make sure you write up to thirty articles before concluding.


Step two involves getting your blog ready and optimized for search engine. this is a very complex and vital process and i am sure you do not want to dive into it all by yourself. so you can hire someone to do it for you.

But basically all you need is a web hosting plan, a domain name and if you want tot start in a great way, you can consider purchasing a premium theme and some premium investigating softwares such as smallseotools and ahref.


by now your blog should be ready to get up the SERP. so you can now publish your articles which you have previously written and continue pushing out more contents to the word.


Step 4 involves monetizing your contents, there are a lot of ways you can monetize your blog without much hassle. an a very good number of them do not require up to a million visitors before you can start making money with them, so of them include

google adsense

Google adsense is an ads network that distributes ads of their partners to their publishers (you) website or blog. so what basically happens where is that you will apply for the google adsense program and your blog will be reviewed by a google adsense official. Once you do that and get approved into the program, you will be given a code to place on your website and then ads will start displaying, google adsense will pay you per each click an ads get on your website.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the new trend of making money online where you recommend a product to somebody and if the person purchases the product through your affiliate link, you will get an affiliate commission. so the more sales you can drive, the more money you make.


Selling of your eBook is one of the most lucrative way of making money online because it is a digital product so you get to keep a hundred percent of the sales price as profit.

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