Mistakes most bloggers make in Nigeria

blogging is a very complicated industry and the noise caused by the population today is over whelming. just imagine, the last time i check the blog statistics of the world, i was told that if the total number of blogs in the world was to be divided by the humans on earth, it would mean that one blog will go for nine people. so as you an see the density of blogs on earth is extremely high and guess what, it is still an emerging industry meaning in the nearest future the density is surely going to increase.

That being said, it is very important to get everything right in the first place and avoid as many mistakes as possible so as to get to the desired level you seek before the density increases.

So today, i will be sharing with you some of the most important tips i have gathered over the ears that have made me quite a success.

so hang on and let us get started with my premium tips


If you are planning on starting a blog by the time you graduate or meet a mile stone, you are making a mistake. blogs takes time to start gaining traction. so getting starting now will make the work easy and by the time you want to take it really serious, you can, after all it is your blog and you have total control.

At first you do not need to publish a thousand articles, you can start with just one a day, most importantly, go at your own pace.


As a blogger, you must know that your content is your reputation and one poorly constructed content can ruin your reputation. i know sometimes it may be tempting to rush the work on an article and push the publish button, but if you feel tired and not willingly to complete the article, simply draft it. maybe you can finish it up later.


Reading online blogs and youtube videos that teach you how to blog is not enough to run a successful blog, you have to relate with other bloggers either physically or on a social media, I got to meet a lot of celebrity bloggers in my niche on facebook and tried being humble so as to nurture a relationship with them with the aim of learning from them.

Though matter who you are, you will always need mentoring and someone to learn from as well as someone to guide you.


Just as you will always invest in a business, you should always be willing to invest in your blog. and when i am talking about investing, i am not just talking about the monetary aspect of it, you also have to invest your time and expertise. I feel money can be easily invested but the point at which most bloggers fail is when they are required to invest their time, for a blogger that is just getting started, i will advise you invest at least two hours to your blog every single day with sunday inclusive.

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