My best tips for new bloggers

blogging is a very long journey that requires constant learning to keep up with the trend and competition everyday. Actually there is nobody like a pro blogger because we are all under the dictates of other bigger companies such as google adsense, google search and a host of other affiliate program. So we are all in the learning curve, just that some bloggers are quite ahead of others.

So judging by our results, if you feel that i am a little above you, you can stay put and let me share with you some of the vital tips that i have learnt over the years.

The truth be told, there is actually nothing easy about blogging, the easiest part of blogging involves creating your blog, after that the rest are all hard work.

Anyone telling you or selling you a program or course that will teach you how to start your blog and make a full time income in less than six months is selling you a lie and it is highly impossible especially when you are just getting started.

So without wasting anymore time, let us get into the tips i have for you today


Many people believe that you can simply earn from you blogging effort in no time, but what they fail to realise is that despite the fact that you can makes millions blogging, such results do not come quick neither do they come easy.

In fact, if you are looking for money to pay your rent at the end of the month, blogging is definitely not for you.

Try your blog as a long term investment of time and money and later on, you will begin reaping the benefit.

Having relationships with other bloggers is very important

one of the mistake i made earlier on in my blogging journey was thinking i could start and grow a successful blog with actively engaging with my niche.

If you run an entertainment blog, you should have a lot of people helping you push your brand into the entertainment industry. having a try social presence across the niches of your blog will take you to your target destination faster than you can think of.

Niche down your blog

At first, it is very exciting to get into as many blog niche as possible, this is dangerous especially for new bloggers with little or no experience. the small your niche is the better chance you have to succeed.

Going after a very broad niche like make money online would mean you stand a very small chance of seeing the top of the google search page. however, if you decide to niche down and pick a particular aspect inside the make money niche such as how to make money with surveys, you will have more opportunity to stand as an authority as well as gain trust and rank higher on google search for things related to your niche.


How about taking out the first batch of money you make with your blog and spending it on leisure activities at least to enjoy the fruit of your labour. it sound nice right? yes it does but it is not right, any money you make at the early stage of your blogging career is meant to be reinvested into higher tech or at least keep for emergencies.

You may never know when your business is in serious need of money.

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