Possible reasons why Google AdSense is rejecting your blog

There is a huge cry everywhere now which arises from bloggers due to the manner google AdSense is rejecting their ads application.

This is alarming and that most heart breaking part of it all is that instead of google AdSense to tell you what exactly you have done wrong on your website, they will simply tell you that you have violated their privacy policy, leaving you in total suspense.

So today, I am going to tell you the most likely reasons why Google AdSense is rejecting your application.

Plagarised contents

This is a very serious violation of their program policy. In fact, any website that violates this rule and gets approved wromgly due to human error, gets banned before you can say jack Robinson.

That’s why I hardly hire writers on my top performing blogs because you may never know where they are getting those articles from. As the saying goes you can only trust yourself. No one loves your business more than you, so be very careful not to violate this rule.


Shallow contents

In the bit to escape copy and paste contents, many people end up Publishing shallow and unsatisfying contents on their blog. This is even worst as it would critically affect your SEO ranking.

One of Google AdSense guidelines before approving your website is that it most contain valuable contents for readers. So not just all form of contents pass the score, only valuable and informative contents do.

No legal pages

The legal pages that are supposed to be visible on your website include the

  • Privacy policy page
  • About us page
  • Terms and condition pages (if you sell any product on your website)
  • And contact page

Once all these pages are properly constructed, you are good to go.

Easy Navigation

I also consider this as one of the top most reason why many blogs are being rejected. Visitors to your website should be able to easily navigate through the cambers and pages of your website without been hindered by deceptive links.

I also advise people to place all your legal pages in your footer menu and make a sitemap available for user use



This is a common question I get to answer everyday. From blogger 

and WordPress, which gets approved faster?

My answer is quite simple, NONE.

Whether you are using WordPress 1.0 or WordPress 99.9 or blogger, AdSense doesn’t fucking care, I mostly get most of my domains 

approved using WordPress because I personally find it easier, in terms of setting up and customizing the blog. I also got others approved 

using the blogger platform.


This is where the theme you use comes into play, and from statistics I got from my client, over 30% of rejection is due to this. I must be really honest, this is where WordPress has an upper hand, with WordPress you can get a lot of free beautiful themes, quite unlike blogger, where you would have to purchase a custom template.

Now how do you know if a theme gives great user experience up to Google AdSense standard.

It quite simple

  •  It must be optimized for mobile devices.
  • The menu bar should be well placed.
  •  It should not involve raw colours : to understand this perfectly 

take a good look at your Facebook messenger and then your WhatsApp messenger, you would notice that the colours used on the WhatsApp messenger app is more appealing, that because they are not raw, it is a mixture of a whole lot of colours in different gradient.

Copyrighted images.

How do you find images for your blog post featured image. What I see most bloggers doing is going straight to Google image search and downloading images from there. This is very wrong bacause most of all those images that shows up the first page of Google’s image search are usually copyrighted images.

If you want a featured image for your blog post, my best advice is for your to design one yourself using Canva

 Even if you are not a graphic designer, canva makes the entire process extremely easy.

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