Reasons why google adsense is not approving your blog

google adsense is a top choice when it comes to online advertising all over the world. They have also given publishers which are the owners of blogs to have banners ads on their website so as to share in the ads revenue generated through their site.

So what google adsense typically do is bring top notch advertisers and serving the ads on publishers who are already in the adsense program prescribed spot on their blog.

Let get more simple now, for instance you operate an educational blog, google adsense is going to search their stream of advertisers and only place the ads that people who consume educational news would be interested in such as scholarships ads and college consulting ads.

However, over the years publishers have misused the opportunity and thus, google adsense has tighten their policy to make sure that they only provide quality audience for their advertisers.

So just in case you were not accepted into the program for one reason or the other, below are some of the reasons why google adsense may be declining your application to be part of the program.


The main goal of the google adsense program towards bloggers is clearly stated in their homepage saying “creating contents is difficult, monetizing it should not be”. so as you can see, contents and great contents at that play a major role in getting your bog approve by adsense.

Your contents should be a hundred percent unique and original as the copyright terms is getting more strict everyday.

If you plan on using an article spinner or rewriter, I got bad news for you too. Google adsense will detect it and your application will be rejected.


I once fell into this trap when i was building a niche website. What most people do when they are seeking for images for their website blog post is that they go to google search images and simply download and upload images. If you do this, you will surely have a problem because most of these images have copyright labels on them and that is a serious issue. So i advice you head straight to canva and design your images yourself.


If their are pages on your website that are dead traps, that is once visitors get in, there is no link to take them out, your website will not get approved.

Also having a poor constructed menu on your website also contributes to this error.

I advise everyone to have at least two menu on their blog, one as the main menu and the other at the footer as the footer menu.


The legal pages include the

  • privacy policy page
  • terms and condition page
  • contact us page
  • disclaimer page (if you collect information or engage in affiliate programs)
  • about us page

without these pages, you may not likely get approved into the program, so do well to get them ready.

If you do not know how a privacy policy page has to look, consider checking out some privacy policy page generator on google. they will do the work extremely well for you.

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