Safe ways to boost your website SEO performance

when it comes to search engine optimization there are some vital things you are to do in order to make sure that your great contents stand on equal platforms to compete with other blog post targeting similar keywords.

These are mostly referred to search engine optimization twerks. and to be honest with you, it is not complex and very easy to implement on your website.

So today what i am going to be telling you are the basic must know when it comes to search engine optimization and they should be done or implemented on your website as soon as possible and watch your website soar higher and the google search engine result page otherwise called SERP.

DISCLAIMER : This twerks does in no way guarantee that you will rank number one or in google first search result page as that is left exclusively for the google bot and algorithm to decide. These are basically search engine optimization best practices.


Having short urls for your web pages as well as blog post will go a long way in making it easier for people to send backlinks to your website which in turn will translate into higher authority and thus a higher ranking on the google search result page. just think of it this way, having extremely long and generic permalinks will not only drive away potential editors who want to backlink to your website but it will also make your website look unprofessional and your sitemap will not look neat.

you can considering going to take a look at the sitemap of some of the high blogs in your niche such as backlinko and find out how short their links are.


This is a very important aspect of search engine optimization because it tells the google search bot what your images are about. as you well know, your images are in png or jpg images files and a search bot cannot read such files to know exactly what the image is talking about.

So you can simply tell the search bot what the image is all about by filling in the alt text section of your image.

It will also help your blog images rank higher on google image search because they can then know what it is about.


Short paragraphs improves your flesh reading and as such makes your article more readable and thus more user friendly. google search algorithm always favors blog articles that are extremely user friendly and easy to read.

So avoiding using long paragraphs as well as short sentences to increase your readability score.


Linking out to very useful contents on other blogs are great ways of proving our credibility as well as authority in your niche. also linking to other relevant and related post on your blog is as important to search engine optimization as oxygen is important to man.

Make sure that your website is truly a website by having a proper internal linking structure and not single web pages standing on their own.

You can use a plugin link link whisper to help you auto suggest where you should place links and the articles you should link to.

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