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I most often hear people saying that once they start a wordpress blog, it would barely take them less than three months to start earning a living, you may also see other young bloggers say, once I can get adsense to approve my blog, I would be making $100 daily. Now to be honest with you, I once may a statement like that, I believe that once my blog could be approved by adsense my financial problems would be solved, shockingly enough, I got my blog approved by adsense in its second month using some techniques which I had figured out, you had to see the joy on my face when I got that sacred mail telling me that my site is now ready to show ads, its was like a long awaited breakthrough, however to cut the story short, its may shocked you that even after my blog was approved by adsense, I could not boost of making just a dollar a month.

That where it starts, getting a custom domain is not a garantee that you could start making money immediately with your blog. There are some certain ignored logistics that need to be fixed to hit your maximum monthly revenue.

Do you need to wait for a year before monetizing your blog?

Now the truth is that it depends on the kind of blog you run, there is no problem trying to monetize your entertainment blog within the very first month it is launch. This is because an entertainment blog mostly deal with what I call “short-lived contents”. This are contents whose value has an expiring date attached to it, for example, take a look at the blog title

“CM Punk drops WWE return bombshell – ‘I wouldn’t not talk to them’“

You would agree with me when I say that such content do not remain valuable 4 months after they are created. So on the long run there are some basic characteristics that will show that your blog is ready for monetization and this fully depends on what kind of monetization techniques you plan to use on your blog.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a monetization techniques that involves driving sales to a particular site using a custom link, if the sales is successful you get a commission ranging from 5% to 60% of the amount paid. This is the leading way to monetize a

Review blog

Tech blog

How-to set up blog

In my opinion, there is no harm placing your affiliate links in your blog even when you are not getting any traffic yet, although you may not earn through them through out the year, that does not mean that they may not come handy some other times.

Advice : if you plan monetizing your blog using affiliate marketing, start from day 1.

Google Adsense

Like I earlier started above, monetizing your blog with google adsense requires careful planning. First of all, what is your blogging niche? Bloggers who run entertainment blog are most times the highest earners when in comes to adsense income, this is due to the kind of traffic they get and how brief their article can be. Just imagine, every four years the whole world sits together and raises the flag of a world cup, this triggers billions of search and who gets most of the traffic? Remember there is quite a number of difference between a visitor who is in search of knowledge like you reading this post now and a visitor who simple visits a site to get a quick info like soccer match fixtures. I say this because you are less likely to click an ads unlike them who could easily get distracted by ads, thus, you may observed if carefully studied that a blog like and both run ads on their site and get equal amount of traffic, there is an higher probability of making up to three to five times more profit than neilpatel.

So what my advice to you

Advice : if you run an entertainment blog or any other type of blog that make use of short-lived content as I have earlier explained, there is no harm placing ads on your site as soon as you get approved. However if you do not fall into such category, try concentration more on your blog seo than adsense, I thinks that actually more valuable, after that you may still consider placing ads and expecting some real revenue from it.

Sales of product such as e-books or tools.

Creating an e-books is one of the quickest way to gulf in a lot of income, however, people woupd not just visit your blog for the first time or probably third time and purchase an e-book from you with their hard earn money.

This method of monetization usually take a lot of time, because it involves your readers building a relationship of trust and credibility with you.

If your REaders can’t trust your content, they don’t trust you

For instance, I would never in a blue moon make a google search on a topic and skip neilpatel blog opinion on the matter if availiable or matthewoodward opinion either. This is because of my experience with their articles.

So the way to gain the trust of your reader is giving great and precise article with no selfish interest.

Secondly, you would also need a huge list of email addresses on your email list if you want to hit the gold box. So if you have not started collecting email address from your visitors, you better start now. You can try out mailmunch for free. So ypu should pay quality attention to the kind of post that goes live from your site in term of quality and also build an email list this should typically take less than 18 months.

Membership contents

This is a system where people pay monthly or yearly to gain access to specific content, well this is actually a mixture of the selling an ebook method and the donation method which is just below. If they do not trust you, them there is no need giving you their hard earn money.


This is one of the most popular way of making money from a non-profit blog such as a religious blog. Any blog can make use of this method after answering the following questions

Do my blog offer value to my visitors

Do I offer services for free to visitors

Is my niche highly competitive

Am I mentoring a group of people.

Well if you had at least three Yes in your answer sheet feel free to add up a donation button on your blog, but remember it is not a direct source of income as people are not compelled to donate.

Lets me get your reply to the above survey in the comment blog, how many Yes and how many No is in your answer sheet.

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