The 2 most effective way of monetizing a website with under thousand monthly pageviews

this year, it has become more easier to monetize your blog due to the amount of increase that websites traffics have experienced during these corona virus pandemic which has led to a world wide lock down.

However, the irony of the whole thing is that due to the influx into the online world, competition is now high and whenever the competition is high in a certain industry it simply leads to profit erosion. meaning that you will not be able to make as much money as you ought to make.

so today i am assuming you are just starting your website and it is barely having less than a thousand page view a month. When this happens, you may fill discouraged especially when you are not able to make at least the money you will need to renew your domain name as well as web hosting plan.

Actually, it is not impossible to monetize your blog when it has less than a thousand visitors a month, the only thing is that the amount of money you will be making will be limited to that which only a thousand visitors can fetch for you.

So without wasting any more time, let us dive into the ways you can monetize your small or tiny website.


Selling of a digital product on your blog is the most easiest and lucrative way of monetizing it when it still has less than a thousand visitors, this is because even the first person that visits your website and finds you articles very useful can choose to purchase your ebook.

Off course, i also know that the first person that comes to your website can choose to click on an ads he or she is interested but the payout is rather too small compared to that of an ebook sale. Just imagine how many ads clicks you will need to acquire to generate at least a hundred dollars which is the minimum withdrawal threshold.

Ads are great for websites with a huge amount of traffic. So since your website is still under one thousand, you should pick selling an info product above ads networks.


It is not difficult to make a good amount of money with affiliate marketing if you are promoting a very good offer.

Affiliate marketing is fast becoming extremely popular because of the ease of earning as well as the high payouts in the form of commissions. So you can find out some affiliate programs in your niche that you are sure that your audience will be interested in and then promote it to them.

If you can drive at least one sale in every two days, you will be making enough money to cover up the cost.

I advise you to go for an affiliate program that pays at least fifty percent as commission so that you can well monetize your traffic for somethings reasonable.

If you carefully monetize your website using this two strategies, you will find your blogging journey very smooth and interesting. Just imagining waking up one money and you found out that someone bought your ebook which cost $19.99 and the best part of it is that you get to keep a ninety nine percent of the money as profit (because you will pay the payment gateway such as paypal).

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