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When it comes to selling things online selling digital products is actually one of the best industries to go into this is because with a digital products they make almost a hundred percent profit and yet don’t have to deal with delivery or even three or even money featuring of the product several times because once the product which I never be a book application or whatever Man city’s greatest ones it can be replicated millions of times so it doesn’t matter whether you sell it 10 times or ten thousand times you just have to create it once.

so today I’m going to be given you some insights on the various forms of digital products we have today but the major characteristics of a digital product is that it is created once and replicated of the internet and it can be distributed off the internet so it is a completely passive source of income.

When are the benefits of creating a digital product is at you can keep on the reaping the profits for as long as it remains in demand.


so without wasting any more time let us get into the major 3 forms of digital products that we have today.


ebooks are by far one of the most popular forms of digital products we have on the internet today. simply fruits and a book is a packaged form of information that is being distributed in a PDF format.

currently there are tons of ebooks available for purchase and free download on the internet and basically all you want to do is to type information into a word document and then convert it to a PDF file for easy readability.

you will also want to ensure that your ID book looks a little bit colourful and engaging so as to keep their attention and thus drive more value.

Online courses

Online courses are not changing and can be fed to as an advanced form of a digital product. it is mostly called and info product because it is far more powerful and of course would cost more money.

An online course is Siri of lessons that are been structured in a way to teach the buyer is q act or how to do something in an easier way.

It is mostly made up of videos and audio lessons as well as PDF files to help facilitate the learning process.

To create an online course on wordpress, all you need to do is to download and online course plugin such as learndash or learnpress. and then you can create your own line cause truck to your lessons and publish it for purchase in your website.

Typically the price of your online course depends on the niche it’s about but they actually range from anywhere $49 to $400.

Cheat sheet

Do you have an easier way of doing something? You can’t use to package that knowledge into what is called a cheat sheet.

a cheat sheet is a single page PDF file that in Marissa basic steps to do something which is well-known to be tedious in an extremely easy way.

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