Top Medical course in Nigeria apart from Medicine and Surgery

Today, it is believed that medical courses actually paid more than every other course you study in the university but the problem is not all medical courses are actually equal. Some get employed faster while others get paid higher.

So today I am going to be telling you the top medical courses arranged in the order of importance, pay and demand.

So let’s get started.

Medical laboratory science

This is popularly called MLS and it is that branch of medical studies that deals with carrying out experiments with blood cells to detect a disease of micro organism.

They are the people you actually meet in a laboratory whenever you go to conduct a malaria test, pregnancy test or any test at all.

For a start, a medical laboratory scientist earns about #40,000 a month in Nigeria.

Medical laboratory science is a five years course and can be studied in almost all Universities across Nigeria. 

One advantage of reading this course is that even if you don’t get a job with the government, you can open your own lab and operate without having any issues.


Physiotherapy is that branch of medicine that deal with the arrangement, repairs and study of human Bones. Whenever someone is involved in an auto accident and has one or two of his bones broken, q physiotherapist is always need.

It is a five years course and it can also be studied in most of the universities across Nigeria.

Typically, the salary of a physiotherapist is not fixed as it could range from #50,000 to #100,000 a month.


Anatomy is a course that deals with the fundamental structure of the human body. Most people actually refer to people who read this course as mog attendants. This is totally not true as an anatomist is a very sacrosanct member of any medical crew.

It is a four year course and can be studied in any university across Nigeria.

Typically, an anatomist is paid around #40,000 a month.

Medical Biochemistry

This is a new course in Nigeria and is gradually gaining a foothold in our education system. Medical Biochemistry can be seen as a narrow aspect of Biochemistry in the sense that while Biochemistry deals with the metabolic processes of living things, Medical Biochemistry deals solely with the metabolic process of human.

Due to the fact that it is a new course, only five (5) universities in Nigeria offer the course of which the University of Benin, Edo state, Nigeria is included.


Physiology is actually very close to medicine and surgery in the sense that a physiologist can actually become a consultant in an advanced country. they deal with everything related to human health, sickness and diseases. In fact, it is the closest course to medicine.

It is a five years course and can be studied in any university around Nigeria that also offers medicine and surgery.

A physiologist is typically paid around #60,000 in any Government establishment.


There is a saying that nurses are hot cake abroad. This is very true as the demand for nurses keeps growing higher and higher every day.

When talking about nursing in this context, I am not referring to auxiliary nurses. I actually mean B.Sc nurses who got a certificate from a competent school of nursing.

In Nigeria, nursing is a six years course and can also be studied in most Universities across Nigeria.

A nurse is paid from #40,000 to #120,000 a month in Nigeria.

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