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UBA is the short and most popularly called name of one of the biggest bank in Nigeria known as the united bank for africa. the bank is widely known for their extension and wide reach across africa and also marked by their colour trademark which is the white and red bent globe.

In the era of internet banking the United bank for Africa has being investing a lot into online banking and they are currently the only bank in Nigeria that are using the online facebook messenger banking system taked the United bank for Africa chat with LEO to bank.

However, that is not want we want to talk about today, today we will be talking about the USSD banking system of the United bank for Africa. the ussd banking system o the United bank for Africa is a banking system that allows you to use a mobile code on your mobile phone to carry out a majority of bank transactions even without internet access.

one of the advantage of these banking system is that it requires no internet sims and it can be used on any mobile device even the cheapest in the market.

so the things you will be needed to have before you can use the UBA ussd banking are

  • the mobile number of the sim you used while opening your United bank for Africa bank account.
  • A mobile phone even though it does not have browsing abilities or internet access.
  • Your United bank for Africa USSD banking pin or auth code.

with this system, you can carry out a lot of transactions such as

purchasing recharge card for your self

purchasing airtime for a friend

transfering money to a United bank for Africa account

Transferring money to a non United bank for Africa account

buying mobile data

paying most of your bills such as electric bills online

Now the United bank for Africa USSD code is *919#

So i will be listing for you some of the things you can do with this USSD code and how to do them.

  • To buy airtime for yourself : Dial *919# after which you dial 1.
  • To buy airtime for someone else : Dial *919# after which you dial 2. You will be required to input his / her phone number, please do make sure you double check the phone number as the bank would not be held responsible if you credit a wrong phone number.
  • To transfer money to a UBA bank account : Dial *919#, and then dial 3. You will be required to give the destination account number as well. Please before the transaction is finalized, you would be shown the name on that account number, do very well to confirm before moving on.
  • To transfer money to a non-UBA bank account : dial *919#, and then dial 4. You would be also asked for the destination account number and the destination bank. After you fill in those details correctly, make sure you confirm with the full name before pressing send.
  • To check your account balance : simply dial *919#, and dial 6. You will only be asked for your pon, after which your account balance will pop up on your screen.
  • To buy mobile data for yourself : dial *919#, and then you dial 8 which means next. On the next screen that will pop up dial 2.
  • To buy mobile data for someone else : dial *919#, and then also dial 8 which indicates Next. On the new screen that will pop up you would need to dial 3


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