Useful tips to boost your opera news hub articles’s impressions

opera news hub is a platform owned and managed by the most popular startup of the century called opera which is also the founder of various tech companies such as opay, oride and omart. the company has successfully built the brand and popularity of their web browser called opera mini across button and android devices.

So opera news hub gives you the ability to publish the latest news you have access to the opera news app and let you earn based on the performance of the news you publish. the performance of your news on the opera news hub system is calculated based on two metrics which are the impression of your article (meaning how many people see it) and the total number of clicks (which is the number of people that click on your article).

However, opera news hub only pays based on the number of clicks your article get and the cost per click on each of your article varies on a lot of factors such as originality, average reading time as well as interactions (comments, shares and likes).

so today i am going to show you how to boost the performance of your articles so that they can reach more people and have the higher tendency of getting more clicks as well as boosting your earnings.

so without wasting any more time, let us get started into the steps you can adhere to in order to boost the performance of your article on opera news hub.


Having great contents is a very important factor as the opera news hub algorithm is used to recommending great contents to their readers because the main aim of the opera news platform is to create a huge pool of value and earn from advertising or sponsorship.

So do not rush your articles, take time to write some interesting and worth reading. if you take this as a custom, the opera news hub algorithm will grow to love your account and thus favour any article from you.


In the world of contents, images of any form are referred to as rich media and thus boost user experience as well as the performance of the article. personally, i experience that the articles where i use much images tend to get more engagement and reach on the opera news hub platform.

So in total, only take out time to place at least three useful images in any of your article and watch the improvement.\


If you check the name opera news hub very where, you will notice that the platform was meant for news and events currently happening or trending. so although the platform will accept every green contents, they do not perform as well as news and trending topics, so go and find out whatever is trending using the various tools available at your reach such as google trends and then write a great content on them and push the publish button.

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