What actually makes your blog rank on google

Search Engine Optimization is a very viable industry today as everyone want to eat of the free search engine traffic. In this heartbreaking fight to climb up the search engine result page (SERP), there have being a lot of so called SEO gurus preaching all forms of techniques that promises to get your blog or website to it’s desired ranking.

Most of these gurus actually teach things that are contrary to what Google advices and that will do your website ranking more bad than good.

One of the main disadvantages of following any short cutted path to ranking is that it leads to temporary success.

I know of a blogger who was ranking extremely high for top keywords and boom, all of a sudden he is no longer ranking. This is because they decided to dump what google says and follow some false SEO gurus who were so crazy about attaining results rather than attaining and sustaining it.

So let’s talk about some of the top search engine optimization advice that comes straight from Google.


I would not advice you to start a blog about something you don’t have sufficient knowledge about. This is because google downplays blog post that show lack of expertise. Assuming a footballer writes a blog post about finance, you can’t expect it to be as detailed as that written by an accountant and as a result of this, google would rank the post written by an accountant higher.

Pick a niche that you have in-depth knowledge about and make sure you make sufficient research before writing any blog post.


If you have being following incomediary you would understand what authoritativeness is all about. This is one of the main reason why blogs that niche down to a particular niche tend to rank higher than some general blogs. This is because when you pick a particular niche, you can settle down and build your blog as an authority in that niche.

Just like the way banklinko is an authority when it comes to SEO.

Although building an authoritative website may talk time, but it would get you the result you require.


The more people come to your site and feel comfortable on your articles, the more google gets a signal that tells them that people trust your contents.

In due course it would positivity improve your search ranking.

Don’t build spamming links

Most people start a blog and speak a bulk of their time forcing links from other blog to their blog. This is usually done in an attempt to trick google algorithms to believe that your website have a level of authority. This is short-termed, very soon, google would locate your blog and when they find out that you were forcing backlinks to your blog, you blog will definitely suffer a manual penalty. So stop trying to shortcut the ranking process and be patient.

Short and readable paragraphs

If you use an on page SEO tool like Rankmath any yoast, you will notice they always tell you to reduce the length of your paragraph and sentences. This is because the shorter your sentences, the greater the user experience.

Internal Linking

Internal Linking is key when it comes to on-site SEO. The major problem why most blogs don’t rank well is because they have what I would call a webpage instead of a website.

To achieve the website dream, all your webpages must be carefully and diligently linked to one another to form a WEBsite.

Some of the advantages of properly interlinking your website is it helps improve your bounce rate, trust rating, stay on page time and blog link passing.

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