WordPress plugins your blog should have

Plugins are the major cores of any wordpress website, as you should know very well, wordpress is what powers over sixty percent of the websites in the world. therefore in today internet era, plugins are essential things and they can either ruin your website or make it better.

So let us just assume you are starting a blog on wordpress and you want to know the kind of plugins you can install on your website. I will tell you, in fact, that is what this entire post will be all about.

today, i will be telling you some of the major plugins that are mandatory on your wordpress blog if you want it to perform at optimum level.

so without wasting anymore time, let us get started


Askiment is a plugin that uses artificial intelligence to help filter your plugins from spamming comment.

If you have a lot of visitors coming to your website on a daily basis, and you rank for a lot of things keywords on google search, spamming and spamming bot will begin noticing your website and start send spams. askimet helps you detect and automatically delete these spam comments.


Monster insight is the currently the best google analytical plugin that is available for all wordpress users. the plugin allows you integrate wordpress to your google analytical app and you can also get to view you google analytical inside your wordpress dashboard (a unique feature). In fact, if you seek to record stats, monster insight serves as a great alternative to jetpack by wordpress.


Further in your blogging journey, you will be asked by a lot of companies to very ownership of your website. this process will involve you placing a piece of code within the head tags or footer tags of your wordpress theme.

things may get dirty in the process of doing this especially if you are not used to programming. So the plugin helps you eliminate the dirty work because you just need to place the verification code is a very clean interface and the plugin will place them exactly where they belong.

The plugin is a must on any blog for smooth running of things and you can easily get it for free on the wordpress plugin directory.


Thirsty affiliate is a wordpress plugin that helps you re-modify your affiliate link into simple forms and you can easier insert them into target keywords with just a click of the mouse.

The plugin is so powerful that you can assign it to automatically insert an affiliate link in any keyword related to it.


Starting a blog without a contact form is extremely unprofessional and it could lead to you loosing vital deals at the early days of your website.

So to easily insert a contact form in your wordpress website, you can make use of the free contact form seven plugin which is accessible from the wordpress plugin directory.

Once you install and activate the plugin, you can automatically copy the short code for a contact form and then place it on your contact us page.

The contact fillings is automatically sent to the email address you set as the admin of your wordpress website.

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